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Methodology for determining deals

The Uganda land observatory will capture the existing knowledge, collect data on the intended, concluded and failed attempts to acquire land through purchase, lease, and concessions for Agricultural production, timber extraction, mining and other extractions of natural resources: Deals must meet the following criteria:

Entail a transfer of rights to use, control or own land through sale, lease or concession.

Have been initiated since the year 2000.

Cover an area of 200 hectares or more.

Imply the potential conversion of land from smallholder production, local community use.

Important ecosystem service provision for commercial use.

As a national observatory, these smaller and domestic deals starting from 50 hectares have similar impact to that of large scale and internationally driven projects. International partners will be expected to capture information that fall within their criteria. It is expected that, the Uganda’s National Development Plan (NDP11), and the National Land Policy, and the regional, international partners shall find the Ugandan Land Observatory will provide them with immense opportunity for synergies and continue to collect data on land acquisitions in Uganda. Contributing to policy, research, equitable decision-making and advocacy activities promoting global best practice for sustainable development goals.